My Visit to the Forest Sanctuary
by Barbara Anne, USA

The ‘forest sanctuary’ is perfectly named.  Just at the edge of the World Heritage Washpool and Gibraltar range National Parks, the forest sanctuary sits on 200 acres of captivating and uniquely Australian forest.
Built in sympathy with nature, I found the ‘forest sanctuary’ both beautiful and comfortable, and I felt an almost tangible vibration of peace as well as a deep connection with nature.
Nestled in the forest are sheltered cabins, each with it’s own ensuite, and a wood burning stove to keep you cosy. Tucked in my comfortable bed at night, the sounds of the bush lulled me to sleep, and I woke in the morning to the joyful laugh of a kookaburra... that guaranteed that I started my day with a smile.
Nature herself seems to love the ‘forest sanctuary’ and there is nothing to disturb her natural ways.  Everything there is solar and organic and compostable, and - most of all -peaceful.  The animals and birds seem to sense this and they show no fear of human beings.  You may well come face to face with a wallaby, who looks you straight in the eye as if to say ‘g’day’ before hopping off.  I did!
There was a special bit of magic when I had a shower.  Individual, private showers are built around an indoor courtyard filled with ferns and comfortable couches where you can relax after a wonderful hot, rain-water shower.  It’s the perfect place to sit and contemplate the day or just feel meltingly comfortable.
The ‘forest sanctuary’ has natural springs and a lake to gaze on from the aptly named ‘Buddha hut’.  Fed by a fast running creek, ‘bewitching’ is the only word that seems right.
 There are wondrous places to walk and a lot to explore, but best of all, here you will feel the peace and privacy that can lead you gently into meditation of all kinds.  
Many things are offered here... things of the spirit and things of the heart.  Here you might find the beginning of a spiritual journey that carries you to places you never even knew existed.   This is a journey of the soul, and anything seems possible. I wouldn’t have missed this for anything.
Almost audible words seem to come from the ether, ‘You are welcome here’.

March 2015