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In this special program for all of us lovers of the forest, admired botanist Dave Carr from 'Stringybark Ecological' will lead us on a fabulous walk through the endangered Snow Gum Grassy Woodland community at the sanctuary: a forest community that few of us are familiar with. Dave's enthusiasm is unmatchable and he is sure to thoroughly engage us with his knowledge of the community's significance, and we will also share 'on ground' discoveries of our own with Dave. Then Alex Dudley, forest ranger and author, and a genius at celebrating the existence of minifauna and insects, will show us in absorbing detail what lives in a forest world no larger than your living room! Alex will also read from his enchanting book 'Faunaverse' which vividly brings to life, in images and verse, the animal world of is sooo brilliant! So friends, with free morning tea and a free tasty lunch as well, you will be amazed at the wonders of the New England forests! Our thanks to GLENRAC too for sponsoring the day...

Dr Jodi Rowley from the Australian Museum will also join us with astonishing tales of her midnite searches for an extremely rare frog in the New England it extinct? ...Dr Jodi is on the case..


Earlier Event: 29 September
Silence Retreat